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We see ourselves as innovators and trainers who realize agile dashboard concepts from small and fast projects.

We support companies with the preparation and implementation of dashboards in 5 phases.

Phase 1/5

Instruction & Training

We consistently pursue a blended approach in the training of employees. In other words, it is a combination of digital content ( and presence seminars.

The participants learn:

  •  Information Design (visualization of diagrams and tables)
  •  Interactivity & Storytelling (The story from the KPI (tile) to the detail (table))
  •  Visual Analytics (Explorative data analysis and creation of complex diagrams)
  •  Frontend training (introduction to SAC, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Board)

Phase 2/5

Creation of a Dashboard Concept

First, the dashboard concept will be implemented. This helps to establish standards for the construction of dashboards that can be used worldwide. Likewise, they are tool-independent and based on best practices from over 10 years of project experience.

Content Dashboard concept (200 pages in PowerPoint):

  • Design of diagrams and tables
  • Use of colour & corporate design
  • Suitable and unsuitable diagrams
  • Create KPI- , monitoring- , table- , scorecard- , portfolio- and visual analytics dashboards
  • Use of filters, drill downs and visual components

Phase 3/5

Paper Prototyping & Dashboard Canvas

We create paper prototyping & dashboard canvas with our customers. That provides clarification of what should be achieved with the dashboards and is important for the implementation in the tool. During this phase the requirements management is conducted, feasibility is checked and we provide impulses on how the dashboards will succeed.

Phase 4/5

Prototyping in SAC, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik und Board

We support our customers in all common front-end tools and create future dashboards together with the employees. Again, we rely on a mix of digital and presence. In addition to tool training, there is also the option of requesting digital help whenever it is needed. In web sessions the problems are solved by our consultants and the creators can proceed with their work.

Phase 5/5

Dashboard-Marketing & Train the Trainer

The final phase is to launch the dashboards to the recipients and enable more people to manage requirements and construct dashboards on their own. We have developed a Train the Trainer concept so that companies can train themselves. In addition, we support to obtain recipients and have various strategies to establish dashboards in companies. 

Our Team

We see ourselves as innovators and trainers who realize agile dashboard concepts from small and fast projects.

Andreas Wiener 

The book author and dashboard expert

Andreas has over 10 years of experience in creating and establishing dashboards in companies. He has written several books and articles and is one of the leading visualization- and dashboard experts in Europe. 

Kai-Uwe Stahl 

The face of the Online-Academy

Kai is an expert when it comes to training employees in companies. Both online and in person. He created the reportingimpulse Train the Trainer concept and is developer of the 200-page dashboard concept used by many companies. 

Anna Lindt

The implementer

Anna is an absolute expert when it comes to building dashboards in SAC, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or Board. She trains employees in the technical implementation and demonstrates many tips and tricks. As a former controller she understands our customers and their challenges.

Oliver Ulbrich

The communication talent

Oliver is the all-round talent of reportingimpulse. He is the guiding role when it comes to training as well as creating concepts. His strength especially lies in requirements management with the customer and the subsequent dashboard marketing. 

Our Events


Information Design, Dashboarding & Visual Analytics

When you are dealing with the following questions: 
How do I design good charts and tables?  How does storytelling in Dashboards work?  How do I analyze large amounts of data?  How do I create standards for that within the company?  How do I learn this, or my employees? What tools do I need? How do others manage it?


All About Analytics, Dashboards & Business Intelligence

The podcast is not for listeners who think they are Excel nerds, who are into printed folders, for whom 1,000,000 lines means everything, or who use Excel as a data pump. 
We wish all Data Geeks, Dashboard Heroes, BI Pros, DataViz Enthusiasts and probably many more lots of fun and spare time for us once a week!


Free Dashboard Training 4 You!

Watch how you create dashboards that make your audience hold their breath. Experience modern design, Apple-style navigation, and useful implementation tips, as well as insights into SAC, Power BI, Tableau, QlikSense, and Board. And all of it for free. 
The Tour 2020 is in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt. 

Our Clients

Thomas Umlauf
, Vice President Corporate IT

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 "One year ago we started together with the Bertelsmann University and reportingimpulse the data science capability model journey. Many thanks to Kai and Andreas for the contribution in this. Your team can be proud of what you achieved with your reportingimpulse Academy!"

Manuel Stiehl
, Data Manager / BI-Architect

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"The standards that we have developed with reportingimpulses make 8 out of 10 reports and dashboards better, but above all they make the development of all 10 easier, faster and more economical."

Joachim Stais
, Head of Competence Team Project Controlling, Automation & Digitalization

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"For the preparation of our workshops for implementing the Qlik Dashboards, the team works diligently with the reportingimpulse Academy. The How-to-Videos and the solutions to the key tasks in Qlik help us perfectly!"

Dr. Axel Dycke

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"In preparation for the introduction of Power BI, an international team from our financial divisions passed through the reportingimpulse Academy. This created the basis for the project work. I am delighted with the subsequent results achieved by my employees. We have seen that they have dealt very intensively with the content of Visual Data Analytics e-learning. Convincing collaborative solutions were achieved."

Michael Klix, Qlik User Group

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"The presentations and training sessions by reportingimpulse inspire with best practices from many companies and small tips and tricks that I can apply directly in practice."


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SYSTEM- & MACHINE CONSTRUCTION: Siemens, Wirtgen, Blohm + Voss, Minimax, Kärcher

FINANCES & INSURANCE: Berliner Sparkasse, Berlin Hyp, Bitmarck, LVM

CONSULTING: Opitz Consulting, ITGAIN, Initions, areto, SDG Consulting, SD & C, RKW BW, BSL

CHEMISTRY & PHARMA: Schülke & Mayr, tesa, Roche, BASF, Lehmann & Voss

AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT: Daimler, BMW, Skoda, Kathrein, ZF Friedrichshafen, Knorr-Bremse, Bosch, Daimler TSS, ÖPNV Akademie, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt, ADAC

COMMERCE: Vattenfall, E-Plus, Bertelsmann, Depot, Heinemann, GASAG 

Our publications:

Visual Business Analytics

The book "Visual Business Analytics" shows how data can be visualized to become decision-relevant information for the receiver. New, interactive and graphic illustrations help decision-makers to make better and more efficient use of their knowledge and skills in order to generate real value for their company. 

Skilful visualization of reports

The book "Managementberichte gekonnt visualisieren" was published by Haufe Verlag in June 2016. It deals with the topics reporting and business intelligence in companies and concentrates both on the theoretical basics and on concrete application examples of many reportingimpulse customers. 

Tools for the Controller

The book "Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools for the Controller" provides an overview of what a modern controller needs to know about BI. In addition to product manufacturers and well-known companies, consultants provide an insight into how controllers can successfully help organize BI projects. Controllers learn how they can generate value for their companies as business partners. 


As a team or as individuals, we are preceded by a reputation as writers. We actually have books we've contributed to - either with an article or as editors. Plus a lot of interviews and articles in various trade journals and magazines.

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