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KPIs and key figures in dashboards & visual analytics

Definition, best practice and obstacles

60 min. 

Often, companies report meaningless KPIs and key figures because nobody asks what action or decision is derived from them. The opportunity to eliminate this problem in dashboards and analytics is mostly missed. Old PowerPoints are used and squeezed into dashboards.

In this talk, methods are presented for visualizing meaningful KPIs and key figures in dashboards and analytics. With the help of our best practices, it becomes a tangible experience. All examples are tool independent and can be used everywhere.

Additionally, it shows how visual filters, good storytelling and interactivity bring out the best in key figures.

reportingimpulse - Talks

Dashboard design and visual analysis of data

Usability, information Design & storytelling

60 min. 

With every tool you can create good or bad dashboards. The result is that you receive little acceptance from the recipient, who demands simplicity. Such simplicity should not influence the amount of data and the complexity of the message, but the presentation, design and usability.

This talk shows which do's and don'ts should be taken into account when creating a dashboard and how clarity can be created for the recipient with simple methods using a variety of best practices in common tools.

It also shows what good dashboards should have in common with iPhone, Netflix and modern cars.

reportingimpulse - Talks

What roles do I need for my data & dashboard projects?

From data scientist to business partner

60 min. 

Bertelsmann University, together with reportingimpulse, has developed a capability model that serves to efficiently and successfully illustrate data and dashboard projects. The Capability Model defines roles that are essential for handling data. The roles and their interaction are explained from the data scientist to the data steward up to the data and business analyst.

The talk's clear statement: Data projects are teamwork!

It also shows what learning and development opportunities are available to employees so that they can fulfill their roles.

reportingimpulse - Talks

How do I get the business requirements into a dashboard?

The Dashboard Requirement Process

60 min. 

If you ask departments what they would like to see in the dashboard and what is relevant, you always hear the same answer: "Everything!". This results in unclear, unstructured and difficult to build dashboards that are never used.

The Dashboard Requirement Process helps to solve this problem. It defines how the requirements collection should proceed. But the process alone is not enough. It requires suitable tools such as digital questionnaires, visualization standards, prototyping workbooks, dashboard canvas and checklists for successful requirements capture.

Using best practices, the talk shows how the Dashboard Requirement Process should function and how it can be easily implemented.

reportingimpulse - Talks

Data Literacy for the Business

What business really needs to know!

60 min. 

Many articles or lectures on the subject of data literacy quickly convey the impression that education is an extremely high obstacle for business and its employees. Huge concepts and projects that have been running for years are demonstrated, showing how data literacy can succeed in companies.

This talk is intended to demystify and simplify the term data literacy. In most cases, a basic training is completely adequate for a business. Not everyone has to become a data nerd. This talk will provide an easy-to-understand introduction to the essential skills that business needs to have and how to get started quickly without having to think about long HR strategies.  

reportingimpulse - Talks

Transformation and internal marketing for data projects

High impact, but often forgotten

60 min. 

"They simply don't realize how good and useful our last data project was and still use the old stuff!"
Very often dashboard and data projects are successfully completed and yet they don't succeed. This is mainly due to missing project marketing. The benefits are not shown and it is assumed that everyone should recognize them for themselves.

This presentation will show how a project (product!) can be marketed internally with simple and cost-effective means, using best practices and numerous examples. Videos, podcasts, webcast, flyer, one pager etc. barely cost money and achieve a huge impact in the digital age. 

Our Speakers

Andreas Wiener

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Andreas Wiener is keynote speaker, author and publisher of numerous books on the topics of dashboarding, self-service and data visualization. With over 10 years of project experience and more than 500 workshops held, he reports in his talks on numerous best practices of his well-known customers. He also moderates the podcast "BI or DIE" with more than 5,000 subscribers.  

Kai-Uwe Stahl

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Kai-Uwe Stahl is keynote speaker, book author and publisher of numerous books on visual analytics, usability and storytelling. With over 5 years of project experience and more than 500 workshops held, he reports in his talks about numerous best practices of his well-known customers. He also moderates the podcast "BI or DIE" with more than 5,000 subscribers. 

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